Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love my Lovee!!!!!!!

I know I gush sometimes whenever I'm talking about him but...he's just so adorable.
You know the Crossword puzzles in the backs of mags and the paper and such, well I like to work them every now and then. It helps keep the grape stimulated "they" say,.. sheesh! The other day I was working one and Lovee was helping me whenever I got stuck...which happens ALOT! We had fun and laughs and kept working on the same one for several days. Well, I went to run me a soakie ( bath) and when I turned around there was a new puzzle on the vanity. This one though was homemade on the computer! Lovee made me one about us and our trips and family and friends! It looked just like it came out of a magazine! How sweet is that?!! The funny part is that he actually stumped me a few times. ha, I needed his help! He's so cute. He's made me 2 so far.

I discovered a nice, not too invasive way to make him be quiet. Tonight he was teasing me about something and I didn't want to hear anymore so I just kissed him! AHA!! Instant quiet! The hard part was to keep our lips together while we were both laughing.....I knew when I quit he'd start up again.....and he did. teehee.......he cracks me up!


Sunshine said...

haha - you're so cute!

ETK said...

That is too cute! I may have to try that sometime.

That is ADORABLE about the crossword puzzel! I want to see one! Send me one! You should try sudoku. That's fun too. I like to do it on the plane to clear my mind of other crap.

tt said...

Sis likes sudoku...It's to brainy for me....waaayyy too much thought goes into it!
I'll see if I can scan it and send it to you....or maybe do a copy and paste?
We'll see.

Tweb said...

Oh my goodness.... I'd gush about him too if he made me a crossword puzzle! That is just soooooo friggin sweet. You should definitely squish him as often as you can!

Allison Horner said...

Pups definitely gets his romantic side from your Lovee. :)