Friday, April 6, 2007

Bats not butterflies!!

Those suckers were flutterin' all over my belly today, wondering what you ppl would think of my blog!! I won't get graphic with the description but my insides sorta felt like a blender of ...umm...let's call it...mudslides. :(
I'm better now. Thanks.
Tomorrow is my last Saturday to work at the bank. Yay for me.
Of course after we get back from our wee vacation, I'll be" working" every Sat... at the folks.
That's ok. I won't have to worry about what to wear anymore...or reapplying my lipstick all day or being afraid that my large-mouth-bass of a mouth will get me fired. teehee
I've gotten away with sending my boss to his "room" a couple of times but it won't last forever. I must be good at that though, coz I've sent the Mom to her room before and she actually went ! Amazing!

Poor Sis is feeling rotten now. Infected wisdom tooth we think. She's on antibiotics but she can hardly open her mouth. She's coming up tomorrow for some "home care". Lovee will make her the 'concoction' and let her sit in his sleeping chair (recliner) She's special!

Lovee washed Suzi-Su-V for me tonight. He says she feels better now. I Love that car!


It's going to be interesting for me to figure out how to get my Dad to quit driving. My Mom will willingly give it up. Fact, that's part of what is keeping her mood somewhat up is knowing I'll be there all the time very soon. Dad, will be my challenge. I'll have to convince him it's HIS idea for me to be the driver whenever he wants to go somewhere. I'm really looking forward to doing stuff w/ him. I can take him golfing and be his 'ball spotter' ( coz he's next to blind) we can go to Ike's Chili House and have 3-way; we can walk the neighborhood together: I so worry about him doing that these days cuz he's so unsteady on his feet. He's diabetic and is loosing feeling in parts of his feet so he stumbles some and gets off balance. ( eeeekkkk!) We can go to the Wal~mart and get ..whatever he thinks up ...:)
Mom has said she already knows what she wants me to fix for dinner the first night. Meatloaf of all things! She's next to blind too because of Macular Degeneration. She has a really hard time cooking cuz she can't see the stove or oven dials :(
She's really looking forward to me planting her flowers under the tree out front! It should take me all of ten minutes.....cuz they're PLASTIC!! TeeHee :) She's anxious to go to the Dollar store to buy a few new ones this year! It's the little things as they say.
Who the f**k is "they". Has anyone met these people? Let's just kick 'em to the curb and not listen to 'em anymore..K? K!
I didn't get enough caffien, or however the heck ya spell it, so I'm sleepy now.


Allison Horner said...

We love your blogging!!!! No need to worry!!! Just let the thoughts flow. It's fun & therapeutic, isn't it????

(Well, those of us who think blogging is fun...don't ask Pups about blogging...he's anti-blog...he says "Just pick up the phone"...he's so silly) ;)

ETK said...

Tell Scoot to suck it. :) That's what I'd do. Ha!

We do love love love your blog. I'm excited for this life you are about to start. I'm excited and hopeful that you'll call me once in a while to bitch instead of just listening to me bitch. :)

I love you tons!

I have a good post or two floating in my head - just need to find time to get them in the computer. Busy doing home improvement stuff today - maybe tonight. Love you!!

tt said...

Aww shucks ya'll
Ya make me blush!
Thanks for the encouragement though! It does seem to be therapeutic so far. We'll see how it goes. As long as it doesn't feel like 'homework' I'll be fine. I NEVER liked homework!
Tell Pups I think it's better to get my thoughts down on "virtual' paper instead of calling and whining to everyone. I'm sure he can appreciate that right?

Sunshine said...

Love you! Love your blog! Love your shoes! xo

Tweb said...

I have been trying to figure out who "they" are for YEARS now. I'm tired of "they" setting the standards, I'm tired of "they" telling me what is right or wrong... hell, I'm just tired of "they" saying too much! Period!

Ahh the bats/butterflies. I'm familiar with those feelings! Went through them myself when I first went public. (as if I have a following, too funny) I love your stories! It's like the kewlness you post in comments, but longer. Me likey. :)