Friday, April 20, 2007

last day is here

and none too soon evidently.
Bittersweet day for sure. I will go in today ONLY because I think my coworkers have planned something for me. Sheesh...I hate goodbyes!
Gotta leave by 10:30 tho to take mom to the hairdresser and then up to see the Dadster. NOTHING stops her from going to get the do done. :) I won't go back to work after that. With the way my mind is this morning, it'll be a very emotional day...lots of deep breatheing is gonna take place. :)
Dad's symptoms are: red and black bood in diareah, non stop for the last 12 hours.....averaging about 1 an hour.....light headedness and dizzy....Nausea......BP was 52/97 at the Dr's office....ugh! He's completely lightheaded which being dehydrated can cause.....Pastey white complection... He's had intermitant Diaraah for almost a year. Lost about 18 inches of his colon a few years back because of polyps. Prostate cancer killer his bladder control about 4 years ago, but he's a trooper and didn't seem to mind alot. He survived.
There's more but I've forgotten. :(
A colorectal Dr. is coming in to see him today. Hope that wasn't TMI.
Thought for the day: Think good thoughts!!!!!
The grape is feeling a bit squishie right now. Gotta go paint and spackle......................
And ( duh) wee vacation is on hold.


Tweb said...

Wow... uh, lots of deep breathing works, but what I find helps, deep breath and take a drink of water... helps from those deceiving eyeballs from peein on your face.

Sorry bout the vacation, hopefully though, it'll be worth putting it on hold for just a lil bit.

ETK said...

Sorry I woke you guys last night! When I got the email about your dad (It was already late) I had to call.

I'm sorry about your dad! I am sure he will come through this, I super sorry about vacation ! I know you were looking forward to it.

Loving you from Dallas!

Allison Horner said...

Y'all are in my prayers!!!

Come visit when you can. We'll be here when you're ready.