Friday, April 27, 2007

wee bit 'o time

I'm in a cleaning frenzy at the present. I didn't get to do the last minute cleaning I usually do before a trip cuz of the Dad issue. So, now I'm in that mode...nothing major but my AADD is kicking in biggly. All the treasures we brought home need to find a home.....suitcases to unpack.. barrells of clothes to wash. I'm going from one room to another in complete random order and huffing and puffing, for at least an hour now, and I can't see that I'm making much progress. Well, the bed is made. Horray for me ;). One small task complete and a kazillion to do. ha

Had a fabulous time w/ Pups and Alli.! We adore their Townhouse. Merlah is the biggest love-dog in the world. Kittie was sweet too...pretty much...I didn't get nipped at all. Fact, I couldn't tell there was a cat in the house! I'm pretty allergic to cats. Well, evidently not as much as I used to be, but I never had an eye-itchie or or nose-twitchie the whole time. Yay!
We went toolin' around in their "Mini-S' Cooper. Now Lovee wants one. The top was down blowin the hair every which way but we didn't care one bit. Sooooo fun! We even put our hands up in the air like we were on a roller coaster...silly but fun! Went and watched boats and had icecream, oh so good. Found something we "needed" to take home from a little shop but when we went back on Monday they were closed. :( !! Dammit!! Beautiful blue pots still in the shipping crate, on SALE ...and they were closed! Stupido ppl!! Oh well. We found a wee shop outside of town and got us a Texas star for our fence and a wee one for our travel wall. So cool! I love our travel wall!
more later....the dryer is buzzing....Adois!


Tweb said...

Doesn't that just figure? Stoopid store. Maybe they'll ship it for you!

tt said...

Thought about asking Pups to go and see if it's still there..then he or # 1 son could bring it up the next time they were headed this thinks that's alot to ask. I'll have to ponder..