Friday, April 13, 2007

It's finally Friday!!!

yay for Fridays. Jeans,sneaks and a work shirt! Doesn't get much better than that.
After today I will have one more week. I'm not sure really, how that makes me feel. I'm carrying such a mixed bag of emotions right now. It's getting a tad bit heavy to tell the truth.On a more positive note, lately the ppl I've told about my empending employment change have been very positive and told me what an honor it would be to be able to do that for their parents. I guess for me, it's probably the fear of the unknown. I'm used to having changes in my life...well I used to be accustomed to changes...I looked forward to them while we were young and "seeing the world". Sometimes though, changes can lead to my being overwhelmed. And we all know what happens then! ha;)
That being said, I do know that when the occasion arrises I can be a force to be reckoned with! Guess it's time for me to swallow a heaping dose of my own medicine, put my" big girl" panties on and just deal with it. Yep, that's the ticket!

It's chilly and rainy today. But, we've got thunder and lightning so that makes it interesting. I love rain storms! Don't love Tornado's though!!!!!!!! None are forcasted in this storm thank goodness. Wish I could stay home and be know...lay around snoozing,watching a little tube, eating chocolate and snuggleing with my lil dogs....ah to relax.
Wake up tt!!!!!!!!!! Damn!
I hate to take Suzi-Su-V out in this weather. Isn't that the most rediculous thing you've ever heard of?! She's a car for pete's sake....No,NO...more than a car....she's my acheing-back-salvation! My hinnie just slides in...........then slides straining to get out like in the green kitty( 97' Cougar ) . She's even the perfect color for me. It's called Dark Stone which is beautiful but hard to describe, but you can see a funny mix of dk brown and dk green I have this thing about rocks and stones. We got a couple fabulous ones from outr last trip. Oops...I digress..sorry. Any way, it took us a while to come aroung to the whole SUV thing...but this small version is absolutely perfect...for me. ( there is a recall on it right now though...We'll have to gt that fixed before the trip) Lovee adores it too. It's so handy when we go to Lowe's. Or as my Dad says....LOUies! He's so funny. :)

Have a happy Friday ya'll.

tt-out :)

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Tweb said...

tt-out? You've been watching too much Idol!

I love me some rain storms! I wish it would storm here, but not until after Sunday. See, I'm fishysitting for the neighbors and their basement has a habit of flooding. I don't think I could handle that!