Friday, April 27, 2007


Ok, so I'm doing inside while Lovee is doing outside. At least that's what is supposed to be happening. I keep going outside the 'help'..ha ha..........of course then I track shit inside...which puts more on my 'to-do' list...! Focus tt, Focus!!

Our yard was in much need of a mowin'. Lovee is affectionately called the 'Lawn Ranger"..Sometimes I think he lives to mow. The next door slackers don't mow very often, which is causing Lovee to frown biggly and often. They are strange ppl..........a mom and her 17 yr old son. Both are very weird. Sometimes she pays another kid to mow.....just sometimes though. I think they're just Lazy. Plus there's that whole thing of 'if the outside looks shitty what does the inside look like?' Me thinks it looks like the outside..... blahhhck.. ppl, where's your pride? Sheesh!! I think Lovee is gonna talk to the HOA about it and see if there's something that can be done. The Rabbi/Dad who used to live there before he up and scooted to Florida, bought the kid a riding mower. He's used it a couple times, maybe, but he waits untill the grass is a foot high before he tackles it and it keeps stalling so he quits. The mower has been taken over by weeds as I type! Lovee is sooo frustrated. He tried to help them along last summer by doing their front yard, hoping they would do some too, but that didn't happen. Talking to them dosn't help either. Lovee finally quit and said f-it. Back to the ghetto for them!!!!!!!! Go AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SLACKERS!!! Lovee is anything BUT a slacker so it really bothers him.
Another ponderer. Hummmmmmm


Tweb said...

Ha, I thought you wrote "black ppl"... but my guess is, it meant Blech! or Bleck! As in gross, gag me with a fork... he he he..

tt said...

spellers of the world untie!!!
Yep...blech is the word..hehehehe