Monday, April 16, 2007

Flower Bouquet for me?!

Awww, a big thank you to my cherished long distance younguns!!
I had to take the Mom to a Dr. appt. today. When I finally got back to work, 4 hours later!... there was a BIG box w/ my name on it just begging to be opened. My co-workers told me it took everything they had not to open it. lol
Well, it took four of us to open it...they were anxious cuz it had the word "cookie" on the return label. :)
Inside was a giant Cookie Bouquet. It's beautiful. I'd never seen one before. Really! The card said good luck in my new adventure and that they were ........oh heck!...I forget...but something like they were pulling for me......I sniffed...biggly..... Then I had to tell everyone, Yes, you can have a cookie. :)
Thanks ETK and Baby and Alli and Pups!!
Ya'll make my heart puffy.

Only four more days of work. Then off on vacation! YAY!!!!
Wish I could take sisterlittle with me. She needs a break about now. She teaches 8th graders!!
She sent me the most precious necklace a couple weeks ago. I need to post a picture of it. You will seriously, totally drool when you see it. Beautiful, georgeous.... it's mine!
xo sisterlittle, xo.


Tweb said...

Mmmmm...cookies.... I wonder if they make brownie bouquets.

That is just too terribly sweet of them!!

Sunshine said...

I wonder why I wasn't included on the joyus giving of cookies!!?? That's ok ETKers and Alli... I'll have to keep with tradition and try to out-do you :) It's been braughten!

Allison Horner said...

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! :)