Friday, April 27, 2007

My Last day at work

Was alot harder thatn I thought it would be!
My lovely co-workers gave me something I've been threatening to get for years!! It's purple !!
Yep, it's a strap-on penis!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! The Boss ( I call him Sir) told me to stand in a particular location so a couple gals could take my picture. I said I didn't want a pic taken cuz my pics usually turn out lousy...he was smiling and joking and told me to " get over there!!" Naturally I replied with..." uh, no...don't wanna don't havta..gonna fire me?" We all tee-hee'd and laughed then he gets the "look" and says loudly, "get over there...NOW". Well shit!! Technically he's still the 'Sir', so I go over to the half door he's pointing to and prop myself up and make some kind of smirk and tell the gals to get it over with and then....POW!!! I get poked Right in the Butt!!!!!!!!! I spin around and see, to my utter amazement, One of our newer gals striking a pose, hands on the hips and all, with a deep purple strap-on just a waggin!!! I laughed so hard I had to get my squirt!! It was hillarious.
They also gave me a CD I'd been wanting to get for our wee vaca, but kept forgetting...Josh Grobin...aaahhhhhhh...I love his stuff.
There was a cake that looked like a fav!....The Donut man brought in sausage rolls.....another fav.....
I pretty much goofed around the entire morning. The suits had already killed me off the computer so there wasn't much I could do. Alot of my fav customers came by to give hugs and best wishes. Ahhh, shucks! I was humbled by the emotions showed. Geez..I hate goodbyes!!
I left early to go ck on the Dad and take the Mom to do the hair thing. However.....before I could get into Suzi-Suvi, one lil gal( who calls me her "wise woman" and the one who quit last year for greener pastures that weren't there and came back to take my place [ phew.. what a run-on]) came running out..litterally...calling my name, gave me a big squeeze and then yanked my pants down!!!!!!!!
Ha ha.............I had done that to her when she left before!! Her arms were full of gifts and we have a habit of playing grab-ass and grab-boob... so I simply walked up to her and said something like' ya know what's coming right?' and just gave a big yank. She's a wee little thing, maybe 100 lbs..if that. She toddled over to set her stuff down and pulled 'em up. It was too funny. Anyway, MY pants were harder to get down, so while she was pulling I was tuggin them up. She was laying on the ground by the time she gave up. Too funny. BBQ had been ordered for our lunch that day but obviously I couldn't stay. I did find out though that the President of the bank and a few other officers had come over to have lunch w/ me and wish me well. Awwwwwww!! That was nice.
I played the CD all the way to Mom's house crying the whole way!!!!! It was way harder than I thought it would be.
Go figure!


Tweb said...

Ha ha, I love the grab ass/pantsing story! I can see how you'd be overcome with emotions, sounds like a fun bunch you left behind!

No worries though, you can always go back and visit!

tt said...

Yep, that's the plan. I already warned them they won't know who'll get the boobie-grab first! It always cracks them up to have their boobie grabbed when it's not expected. Gotta have fun in life, right?!! The more laughs the better i think!