Wednesday, April 11, 2007

teenie-tiney minds

I'm forever amazed at the boldness of boggots and racists!!! Why is it that the sweet,nice keep-to-yourself-ppl walk around never voiceing their opinions while the overbearing-loud-mouth-bass ppl can't keep theirs shut. A fellow came in today and started his usual banter about the weather and other nonsinceical things when all of a sudden he started spewing crap about how Martin Luther King stole the Good Friday holiday and then proceeded to use every racial slur available in his obviously tiny pea size grape! I just looked at him and said nothing. I couldn't argue with him cuz I was at work. But I did manage to say, after he asked 'Don't ya think so?"......... "Uh, absolutely not, anything else I can do for ya?"" Nice wallet ya got there...did you make it yourself?" "Yea, it was a craft project we did for the kids in the Sunday School class I teach" W.T.F !!!!!!!!!!! TEACH....Sunday school? Like I've said, small towns have small minds.


People are always after me because I loudly admit to admiring the First Lady's. I do. To my way of thinking, it takes a really strong woman to put up with as much shit as a FL has to. And strong women are my hero's. All of them...even Hillary....deserve a great deal of respect in my book.
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ETK said...

And you wonder why I gave up religion a long time ago?!?!? Seriously - because of people like. Organized religion is full of hypocrites like that. People who act and claim to be devout, regularly attend services or bible study or whatever and then they are some of the most awful people (inside) you've ever met!

Sure there are a few other reasons, but that really got me motivated to question what I was taught growing up.

Tweb said...

I can't even understand how you two ladies handle it. Babe always tells me that I'll never truly get racism until I live down there for a period of time. Being from Athens GA, he gets it.

tt, you are a STRONG person because I would have stuck my foot up his ass. Eh, I'm not going to be here much longer anyway, may as well go out with a bang!

tt said...

I hear stuff like that EVERY day!!!It's very common in my neck of the woods. I did shut someone up once when they were talking trash about blacks and whites being married and having the nerve to birth babies! I just looked at him with a dead-pan expression and said,"Hummm, I'm married to a black man, wanna keep talking about it?"
Fortunately, it wasn't a customer...the jerk just looked at me and left.
I did 'picture' my foot up his ass...does tht count? :)

Tweb said...

You're so funny tt. I grew up in a primarily AA neighborhood, rough hood at that, gangs, violence, etc.. When I was in grade school, I moved and ended up in a primarily white school. Those girls would pick on the black girls and, supposedly being my friends, I told them that it hurt my feelings because my dad was black and asked them to stop.

To this day, I'm sure there are ppl I went to grade school with that still think my dad is black. He's not, but it sure as hell shut them up!