Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yea!!!!!! finally he's gone!!!

American Idol just regained my viewership..Sanjaya was FINALLY voted off! It's about effing time!! Sheesh . Of course, I started feeling sorry for him when alligator tears started streaming down his face. I'm such a sap! My eyes betrayed me...nothing new there....and almost leaked. But I got over it quickly.


It has finally hit me, as of today, that I only have 2 more days at work!! 2 days, that's it. We're going on a mini vacation the following week which I'm soooo looking forward to. But when we get back...I'll not be returning to my former place of employment. I'll drive the opposite direction everyday. Doing something I've been doing for some time now but on a more permanent basis. It's not like I've never quit a job before...done that dozens of times...either because we were being transferred or I found something better. Maybe it's the reason I'm quitting that's got me feeling all "fubar". That, plus...whenever anyone says why are you leaving and I say " to take care of my folks" everyone....w/o exception goes " ohhhhh" and then just stares at me sort of weird like. Like, there's nothing else to say about the matter...or perhaps they completely understand and know that words aren't necessary. I don't know....It's all just so sureal, ya know?!

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Tweb said...

A. Fubar - LMFAO!

B. That blank empty stare, almost a "why did I ask that question when I have nothing to follow it up with?" look.

I think it's wonderful that you're doing this for your folks. I mean, hey, isn't that what they expect from us...or rather..what they used to expect? Raise a good kid and be good to them, and they'll be good to you when you need it most? Well, I guess nowadays it's "ma's gettin too old, lets sticker in a home, K?" Good for you. I look forward to hearing your mom and pop stories...

3. HELLYEA!!! Vacation time Beeebee!!! Woohoo! I'm jelly!