Sunday, April 15, 2007

Beautiful,gorgeous..wish you were here!

Today was fabulously nice outside! High 60's lowish 70"s....beautimus sunshiney day.
We went for a 4 hour drive around the NE part of our fair state that I've never been to. Not sure why I haven't been there but...stopped at an Antique shop....LOVE those.
The only black spot on our day was when I discovered( quite by accident) the diamond was gone out of my engagement ring!!!!!!!!!!!!! The alligator tears subsided after about 10 minutes! Lovee kept telling me it was no big deal that we could get it replaced...Of course, we gals know that's not the point. Of course we can but the 'other" one was original....even if it was small it was original! Add to the fact that this set is my second set because i LOST the first one. I'm so totally not good with it but not good with it.
Anyway, the day was other wee little mishap....not mishap exactly exactly but a surprise was ruined. I bought Lovee a "Coke" cooler that's on a stand to put out on the deck by the pool. He loves Coke stuff...has a bunch but not this. He saw it and drooled. So I get it one day while being sneeky and THOUGHT I hid it in the guest room where he wouldn't see it. WRONG!!!! He went looking for something and found it before I could stop him. Darn! He said he'd wait untill his B-day to open it and put it together. He's very, very happy tho.
Love to see him smile! It makes my day.


Sunshine said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry ma! How come you didn't tell me when we were on the phone? Dad's right though - you can have it replaced. It's the ring, not the diamond that is sentimental. You still have the ring right? :)

I'm glad you two had a nice trip though. Find any fun antiques?

ETK said...

AWWWW! I'm sorry about your diamond - I would be crushed to lose mine too - I totally understand! :(