Friday, April 27, 2007


We are human beings, with an emotional state produced by thoughts that we have not lived up to our ideal self and could have done otherwise.
It's one of the most sad emotions one can experience. I have a Love/hate relationship with it.
Stay away from it.
Make it go away.
Where is the release button? No, wait...I need the easy's here somewhere...I've just misplaced it for a while.
If found, please return to owner.


Tweb said...

I have an easy button. I wish I could give it to you. Unfort it only works for things like skipping the first trimester of your PG.

BUT, my gray matter is always here for you... may not be the best easy button... maybe it's just an "sorta kinda slightly easier/get it off yer chest" button... but you can use it any time.

tt said...

Thanks tweb. You are the "best-person-I've-never-met-and-have-come-to-love-and-respect" person I've ever known!
uh, I don't have the proper plumbing that would alow me to use your 'skip the first tri'...however, Your gray matter is something I will always admire!!
AND covet! :)