Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lovee and Me

I adore this picture of Lovee and me. It was taken at Alli and Pups wedding on Maui. We were at a luau that ended up getting rained out just as we were trying the poi....( uck-o) We had a fabulou time though! I'll have to put a pic of us from Santorini too...just to keep things even!
My ever sweet sunshine girl put this picture on here for me. She's so savy at this computer stuff. I probably could do it if I'd follow etk's directions....but it's just easier if I ask Sunshine to do it for me. Thanks!!
I'll get her to show mw how so I can put some pics up of our upcoming wee vacation to H-town and Branson. My 'last hurrah' so to speak before I start my "new" job. I can't wait!


ETK said...

AHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You put this one up because you love Pups more!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!

tt said...

Go to your room untill you can play nice!

Allison Horner said...


Love that picture of you two!!! The one of Pups and me on my blog was from that luau, too. :) (My dad's fav pic of us)

Looking forward to seeing you & Lovee soon!