Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Never enough time

If I were a more organized person I'd have time to do more, this I know. However, there are times when no matter how much you organize you can't squeeze in any more time. Actually it's not time that I need.......well yes it is........just in a different order. Yea, that's it. I need more free daytime hours. I know I'll get them next month but that won't really help cuz there's no computer at the folks house. ( Yes, it would be nice to have one there but it ain't gonna happen.)
The problem? There are 2 times a day during the week when I can post. In the mornings before I go to work: as long as it's not an early day..... and after I get home in the evening. Mornings, I usually try to get chores done so I won't be doing them all weekend. ...coz I've got to go to the folks and do for them plus try and fit some fun stuff in for Lovee and I and visit w/ the kids and friends..etc. If I post, I'm not doing my chores, so they back up and I'm doing them on the weekend. UHG!
Evenings, is the only time I have to visit with Lovee and maybe watch a few fav TV shows, but if I do that I can't post. Or if I do post, like tonight, Lovee just sits and watches TV by himself and then goes to bed...by himself....makes me sad.
So I'm thinking I may have to do my posting on the weekends.................
I'm not sure how to solve the dilema.
It's making the grape feel very squishie.
I'm really enjoying the outlet this gives me though so I need to find a solution. Guess I'll get some zzz's and see what I come up w/ tomorrow.


Sunshine said...

Ok - here's your solution. After dinner, devote 30-45 minutes for posting. You can still have time with Dad and watch your shows :) Or... wait until Dad goes to bed then post. It's simple Ma. I'm a genious! lol

ETK said...

OR - you need a maid!!!!!

tt said...

Not so simple! Hell, it takes me 45 min to read the blogs! TWEB is very windy cuz she knows it like it that way!!! ETK is too, at times (LOL)....then I could only read..not post...
Want the maid- can't afford one now!
I believe wh have what is called a conundrum?..possibly...did I spell that right? ha

Tweb said...

Hmmm.... so what you're saying is I talk too much?

Well dayum, that's not gonna change so you're going to have to change. :)

All I can say is that if you do decide to not post until the weekend, you're going to have to keep a tiny notebook with you so you can jot down the randomness that's bouncing around in the grape or you'll forget! Well, at least, that's what happens to me. If I actually worked hard here at work, I wouldn't be able to post either.

yeah right!

Tweb said...

Oh! I got it! Blackberry. Right ETK?