Friday, April 6, 2007

The Tabster's ok

He's on Amoxicillin now. Vet said to keep him inside somewhere for 4 or 5 days....uhhh...that ain't gonna happen. Can you say HUGE asthma attack w/ prolonged sneezies?! We did keep him in the dog kennel all night, but in the garage! The howl was downgraded to a low roar as of this morning. He's got a serious infection but should be ok. He thinks he's Mohamad Ali sometimes. The Vet said he reeeaaaally needs his buds snipped. We know this but he's ferral and we're afraid that would take his 'edge' away. Of course, on the other hand maybe he'd learn to walk away from a fight instead of instigating one. Ya think?!
We opened the cage this morning with a bowl of his fav pouch food ( w/ meds mixed in) in front of it. He ate it like it was his last meal then darted outside. Woosh, he was gone. :)
He'll show back up tonight tho I'm sure. Hope so anyway coz he's got lots of meds to take for the next week or so !
On a bright note: We finally had "okie" snow. It's gone now. YAY!!!!! Although our low tomorrow will be about 25~~ UGH!! Whine..whine..whine !!!!
I wanna open the pool!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
calm down tt, it'll be here soon it won't....yes it will, shut up and go get ready for the drudgery.....don't it anyway; it's popcorn day :)........hummmmm, can I have some caffine with that?......maybe........


Allison Horner said...

Thanks for sharing with us, TT! :)

Tweb said...

PLEASE don't deny yourself of the caffeine, you'll make ME zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Yes, thanks for sharing! I love me some tt!

And of course, I Had to go and read it all this am before getting ANY Work done...shame on me, and leave comments for everything, because I cant' help it. I'm a jabber jaw. :)

ETK said...

WTF is up with SNOW??? Seriously. It's APRIL. There's no snow in April!!!
I'm glad Tabby s'ok.

ETK said...

LOVE it! HOpe you don't mind - I posted about it on mine. :)

tt said...

I feel like Sally Field when she won an Oscar...." you like me, your really like me."
Ahh shucks..
Tweb is deffinitely more of a jabber jaw that me BUT only coz she can type faster!!!
Post away away...
We're all sharers right? Is that a word?